Four Things Hockey Players Should Do During the Covid Hockey Pause

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Due to the global pandemic, minor hockey across some Canadian provinces has come to a sudden stop. Regardless of whether you agree with your provincial government’s decision, it is crucial to understand the decision has been made, and it’s up to you to react accordingly. 

The famous saying goes, “it’s not about the cards you are dealt, but how you play your hand.” As hockey players, you have two options. You can relax for the length of your provincial pause, OR you can find other ways to improve.

Here are a few things that you could incorporate into your routine during this hockey pause:

Read a Book

As hockey players, we are always challenging ourselves to get bigger, faster, stronger. But it’s important not to ignore the mental side of the game. Go to your local public library and find a book that will give you an edge. Find a book on mental toughness or an autobiography. A couple of my favorites:

Watch Useful Youtube Videos

I get it; I’ve caught myself scrolling through YouTube watching “Top 10 Goals”. But there is a lot more useful content on YouTube that can help us become better hockey players. Take the time to search for valuable content that can benefit your hockey game. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Adam Oates Talks The Importance Of Hockey IQ

The Mindset of a WINNER – Kobe Bryant

Consistency – The Offseason Regimen of Connor Carrick

Focus on Your Fitness

If your fitness center is still open and operating and you feel comfortable going, make sure you get your workouts in. Take advantage of the time off and focus on getting stronger and more explosive. 

If you can’t get to the gym, there are plenty of ways to get a good workout in at home. Look up HIIT bodyweight workouts or do plyometric training. Check out the video below for ideas.

Continue to Work On Your Hockey Skills

If you have a shooting pad in your backyard/basement/garage, continue to develop your shot and get into a routine of shooting pucks every day. 

If you are unable to shoot pucks, focus on your stickhandling. Grab a puck/tennis ball/golf ball and work on your hands to stay fresh when hockey season starts up. Check the video below for some stickhandling drills you can use.

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