European Checklist

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Europe is a great place to play hockey. You play fewer games, the travel is shorter, and the quality of hockey remains high, but packing up your life in a hockey bag and a couple of suitcases can seem like a big leap of faith.  From my experience with proper research and signing with a quality team, it will be …

Preparing to Leave Home for Hockey

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Are you at the stage of your career where moving away from home is inevitable? This can be a difficult transition in your life. You’re leaving behind your family and friends as you pursue your hockey aspirations. This can be just as challenging on parents as well. In one sense, they are proud of you for reaching the next step …

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How to Improve Your Hockey Skills and Fitness At Home

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I’ll start by saying I hope everyone and their families are healthy and keeping busy during this global pandemic. As hockey players, we are in unchartered territory, and the unknown can be tough.  Some questions you might have asked yourself include: When is the start date for my next season? How does the pandemic affect contract negotiations? Is my team …